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November 13, 2012

Our other services

Not everyone knows about the specialist services we provide related to the Inspection, Maintenance and Reporting of the condition of operational drainage infrastructure, so to spread the word Envirostream Catchment Management is offering FREE Inspection & Report (conditions apply)
November 13, 2012

Stormclean maintenance contract

Proactive commitment toward responsible and transparent management of drainage infrastructure has resulted in the brand new “Stormclean” maintenance contract, making things very clear and consistent throughout a developers ‘defects & liabilities’ period
November 7, 2012

Co-operative Bulk Handling – Kwinana

Check out the case study on our work at the Kwinana Grain Terminal for our client, Co-operative Bulk Handling. We were asked to design and construct a storm water purification system to treat water for excreta contamination caused by pigeons feeding on the 18 ha roof of the grain storage building. To read more go to the case studies section of our website and learn what we can do for you.
November 7, 2012

Coates Hire Belmont

We’ve worked with many respected and recognized brands, one of them being Coates Hire in Belmont, Western Australia. We were approached by them to design and create a wash down treatment system for their site. We were required to create an inlet feed system that included pollution trapping of oil and a grease removal system for distribution and landscaping. To read more on this projects, go to the case studies section of our website.